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This directory is a searchable database of the cruise programmes of global ocean-going research vessels. The numbers in brackets behind the items in the left menu column indicate the number of related programme records. A user can select relevant programme records and narrow down its selection by clicking on these items in the left menu column. The individual records give further details on the planned cruise and related contacts. Clicking on the vessel name gives a detailed factsheet of the RV characteristics. Clicking on the organisation names gives the full addresses. The button on the right side of the Map gives the user a menu to select map layers.

This is an alternative user interface to the Extended Search interface which includes additional search criteria and combinations, but requires more knowledge of the user.

The cruise programme directory is maintained with input from the operators of the research vessels. A survey format has been defined, which forms the basis of the database. Operators can use an online Content Management System to update the planning of their ocean-going cruises regularly online. Alternatively operators can deliver their planning as a file for import into the database. This file has to conform to the survey format.

The compilation of the cruise programme directory is coordinated by BODC, that is approaching all operators, that are managing identified research vessels. At the same time qualifying operators are invited to contact BODC by e-mail, so that arrangements can be agreed for their regular input by online CMS or by file transfer.